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Grammar Flip

Grammar Flip is a website to help you 'flip' the classroom, by that we mean providing engaging and interactive content outside the classroom so you can focus more on helping the students inside. This website focusses specifically on grammar.

TESOL Academic

TESOL Academic is an excellent website from Huw Jarvis linking TESOL theory and practice through recorded lectures and links to research papers. Highly recommended.

Latest Technology News

Easter Training Day

Following the success of the Christmas vacation training day, we're going to repeat the formula on the final Friday of the Easter vacation and hopefully send you buzzing away into Term 3 with lots of coffee new ideas to try. If you're not still on holiday and are interested in...[view full post or leave a comment]

Interactive Afternoon

On Wednesday, 24th February there will be three tech TD sessions aimed at showing and trying out some easy-to-use tools that can make your classroom more interactive. David and Nick will be leading the sessions, but Anastasios will also be there to talk about how he's used some of these...[view full post or leave a comment]

Oxford Words Blog

If you're looking for a site that provides students with quirky, interesting facts about English, try the Oxford Words Blog It's updated regularly and often reflects what's in the news. Recent posts have included words that come from people's surnames (e.g. Pilates) and a quiz on who's V whose....[view full post or leave a comment]

Google Classrooms for the new term

As last term, we'll be using Google Classroom as the VLE on the ELTC-based courses. We've created new classrooms for PAE and invited teachers to them, and will do the same for AEPC once class numbers have been finalised. This may mean that returning students have to join a new...[view full post or leave a comment]


Daily Tip

Conduct quick polls with Google Classroom

A great feature that's been added to Google Classroom over the holiday is the ability to conduct polls via Google Classroom. These are effectively multiple choice questions, and can be used for anything from getting student opinions to practising summaries....[view full post or comment]