Create a Youtube playlist for your class

Creating a Youtube channel for your class can be a useful way to collate and easily share videos connected to everything from the coursebook to the educational visits without constantly having to copy and paste links. To create a channel, log in to your university Youtube account.

1 Click on the apps menu (1). Click More (2). Choose Youtube (3).


2 When Youtube opens you may need to click ‘Sign in’ in the top right. Once you’ve done that, use the usual search box to find videos.

3 When you’ve found a video you want to share with your class, click on ‘Add to’ (1) and ‘Create a new playlist’ (2). Type the name of your playlist (3) and use the dropdown box (4) to set the visibility (we recommend ‘Unlisted’) and click ‘Save’ (5).



4 To add more videos in future, click on ‘Add to’ (1) whenever you find a video you want to share and tick the box for the playlist you want to add the video to (2). Videos can be added to more than one playlist.


5 To share your playlist with the class, click on the lines in the top left (1) and click on the playlist’s name (2). Click ‘Share’ (3) and then copy the link (4). This link can either be pasted into an announcement on Google Classroom or can be added to the About page of your Classroom.


6 You can make further edits and/or collaborate on a playlist with your fellow tutor by clicking on ‘Playlist settings’ (1). Use the dropdown menu (2) to decide the order your videos appear/play in. To share your playlist with a fellow tutor, click ‘Collaborate’ (3) and ensure the button (4) is blue. Copy the link (5) and send it to your fellow tutor.




Use the BBC’s permanently available videos

Many teachers will use the BBC iplayer, but may be put off producing learning materials based on them due to their limited availability. However, BBC Four is providing an increasing amount of material that is available permanently and accessible via the iplayer.

These videos can be found here


Embed videos in Google Forms

If the video you want to use with students is a Youtube video, you can embed it into a Google Form, meaning students will have the questions and the video in the same place without having to scroll through tabs. This is easy to do and a great way to try out flipped classroom activities.

Use Ted.ed to embed questions in a TED video

As well as being a great source of presentations on various topics, TED also allows you to set and embed questions within videos, and even provides readymade activities for you to use with your classes. To do this, go to

The first time you use it, you will have to register for an account. After that, just click ‘Log in’.


To create a lesson

1 Click ‘Create a lesson’


2 Use the searchbox to look for a TED talk on a topic that interests you.


3 Click on the thumbnail for the video you want to use.


4 Click Launch Lesson Editor (1) or Back to Search Results (2) to choose a different video.


5 Type a short description of the video/lesson in the box (1), then click Think (2).


6a For Multiple Choice questions, click on the + sign


Type your question (1). If you want to give students a time hint, add it to the box (2). Click Next (3).


Type the responses (1) and use the buttons on the right to indicate the correct answer (2). Click Next (3).


Click Save


To add the next question, click Create Your Own Question.


6b For open-ended questions, click the + sign


Type your question (1) and click Save (2)


7 When you’ve finished writing questions, click Dig Deeper (1). Use the space in (2) to challenge students, or click (3) to exclude this stage.


8 To start a discussion, click Discuss (1) and Add New Discussions (2)


Write the question in the Discussion Title box (1) and click New Guided Discussion (2).


To share your lesson

Use the control panel to preview (1) or share your lesson (2). You can use the other controls to make your lesson visible to other TED ed users (3) and/or customisable by them (4).


When you click on ‘Publish’, copy and paste the link to share the lesson with your class.


To review student answers

1 Click on your profile symbol (1) and choose Lessons (2).


2 This opens your dashboard and shows tiles for each of the lessons you’ve created. Use Share (1) to get the lesson link, Edit (2) to make changes, Delete (3) to remove it permanently and Review Student Work (4) to see answers.


3 Click ‘Review’ (1) to see student answers or ‘Download…’ (2) to get a spreadsheet of their answers.


4 If reviewing student work on screen, use the dropdown box to choose the student (1). Click ‘Give Feedback’ (2) to give feedback and the arrow (3) to move between answers.



Use/Adapt readymade TED ed lessons

TED ed has various readymade lessons, many with engaging animations, that you can either use or adapt with your students.

1 To find a lesson, click Lessons (1) in the menu bar. Use the side-menu to choose a topic (2) and then click on the thumbnail of the lesson you’d like to adapt (3).


2 Click Customise This Lesson


3 This creates a copy of the lesson with you as the author. Either share it as it is or edit the questions to make them more closely match your aims. The lesson and the students’ answers will then be visible in your dashboard.