What is socrative?

To get an idea about Socrative and what it can be used for, please watch the short introduction video below:

Creating an account

Please remember that only teachers need to sign up for Socrative, students only require a link and a class code to access the quizzes.

To sign up, go to www.socrative.com (1) and click Get a Free Account (2)

On the next page, fill out the form with all your details (1), then click I agree to the Terms and Submit (2)

And that’s it, you’re registered. You should see a welcome box with a link to the User Guide if you want to go through that. One thing to note is the Room number at the top of the page (1). This is the number you give to students to access any quiz you are running.

How to change your room number to something more memorable

You can change this to something more memorable so you don’t have to keep looking it up. To do that, click on Settings in the top right (1) and then My Profile (2) from the dropdown menu.

On the next page, find the box which says Room Number (1), change it to whatever you want your room name/number to be and then click Submit (2). Please note that your Room Name has to be unique so it doesn’t clash with other teachers so things like ‘David’ or ‘John’ are probably already taken and you’ll need to make it a little different.

Creating quizzes

To get started creating quizzes, click on Manage Quizzes (1) in the top left and then click Create Quiz (2)

Then, give your quiz a name (1) (eg, linkers quiz, past tenses quiz) and then choose one of the three options for question types to start creating (2). Note that within the same quiz you can have questions of different types (short answer, T/F, multiple choice).

Multiple Choice Questions

Here is an example of creating a multiple choice question.

  1. is where you write your question, it can be a gap fill, a sentence stem or just a question
  2. Is where you put the options for the answers.
  3. If you don’t need all 5 options you can delete them
  4. Is where you indicate the correct answer. NOTE: you can have more than one correct answer, so if you want students to select 2 or even 3 corrects answers, they can, just make sure you tick them here.
  5. If you need more than 5 options, you can add more here.
  6. Is where you can put an explanation for the correct answer, this will pop up after the students have answered.
  7. Is where you can delete the question, move them up and down the question order or duplicate the question (for example if you are creating another question with very similar wording, this is a useful option to have)

T/F Questions

Here is an example of a T/F question. Many of the features are the same as the multiple choice questions, just note that in the box (1) you write your T/F statement and remember to select the correct answer (2) so it’s highlighted green.

Short Answer Questions

Here’s an example of a short answer question. Again, many options the same, you put the question in (1). However – and this is a key point – if you want Socrative to automatically answer the question, you need to put the answer(s) in the options box (2). Note that the students have to write exactly the correct answer (so in the example below, if they spell it ‘wunt’, they won’t get a correct answer. It is NOT case sensitive, so students could use capital letters and it would still be correct.

Saving a quiz

You might have noticed that next to each question is an orange Save button. You can press this as you are creating your quiz to save the individual questions (might be handy particularly if your internet is unreliable). Alternatively, you can create all your questions and then scroll up to the top of the page and click Save and Exit (1)

Remember that you don’t have to finish creating a quiz in one sitting, you can go back and add more questions later or edit existing questions on the quiz as explained below.

Editing a quiz

To edit a quiz you’ve already made or to add more questions to an unfinished quiz, click on Manage Quizzes (1) in the top left and then click on My Quizzes (2)

Click on the quiz you wish to edit (1)

You’ll be given four choices

  1. Duplicate: this is if you want to make a similar quiz and copying this one makes it easier.
  2. Delete
  3. Download: this will download your quiz as a PDF that you can then photocopy and give to the students on paper
  4. Edit: here you can go back in and edit or add questions to your quiz.

Once you’ve edited it, remember to Save and Exit when you finish.

Starting a quiz (this is very, very important)

Ok, this is the really important bit. Many teachers get caught out by what you have to do to start a quiz so that students can access it. The temptation is to assume that students can access your quiz if you have given them your room number. This is NOT true. For students to access a quiz, you first need to start the quiz through your Socrative account. The reason is that you might have multiple quizzes created, but you can run only one at a time for students to access. So, if you plan for students to do a quiz in class or do it for homework, you have to do the following:

Click on Dashboard (1) in the top left and then click Start a Quiz (2).

Select the quiz from the list that you want to start (1)

You will then be given three choices about the type of quiz you want the students to do:

  1. Student-paced Immediate feedback. It gives a nice explanation below when you hover over any of these. Basically, students can work through these at their own pace, but with each question they have to submit first and get correct/incorrect response before they can move onto the next question. You are able to monitor their progress via a live results table.
  2. Student-paced Student Navigation. Students have the ability to edit questions, skip questions and navigate the quiz their own way. Once they’ve completed the activity they can submit the entire assessment. You are able to monitor their progress via a live results table.
  3. Teacher-Paced. Teachers control the flow of questions. You send one question at a time, and visualize the responses as they happen. You can skip and revisit questions.

Underneath you will see some additional settings (1) , you can probably leave this as they are. Then click Start (2). This now means that the quiz is now active and any student with your room number can access it.

NOTE: one key thing to remember is that any quiz you start will keep running until you stop it through the Socrative dashboard. It will even keep running if you close the browser, shut down the computer etc. So, you can set quizzes for homework, as long as you remember to a) start the quiz and b) NOT stop it until they have all finished.

how students can access the quiz

It’s very easy for students to access your quiz after you started it. On their mobile devices or on a computer they need to go to the link below:


This will send them to the following page with a different web URL (1), don’t worry about this, it’s just something called a redirect and can be ignored (though students seem to worry about it!!). They then need your room number/name to enter in the box (2) and click join room

They will then be asked to add their name (1) and then click Done (2)

They should then be able to access the quiz questions and submit answers.

Monitoring and stopping a quiz

While a quiz is going on, a teacher can monitor progress from their Socrative account and see students progress and how many they have got right. Click on Live Results (1) and you can see a table of all the students’ names and their progress (2). Just be careful about showing this in class if you are doing it there as students who haven’t finished can see some of the answers! You can also click on individual question numbers or names to see specific data about that question or person.

Sharing a quiz with another teacher

It is possible to quickly and easily share your quizzes with another teacher so they can import them into their account and use them with their own students (they, of course, will need a Socrative account).

To do this go into a quiz as if you are going to edit it (see above). Look in the top right hand corner and make sure the sharing slider is on – it should be blue (1). Then take the code – in this case SOC-20444440 – but each quiz will have its own unique one and share it with your colleague(s).

For them (or you) to import it into their own account, they should go to Manage Quizzes (1) and Import Quizzes (2).

They then add the code (beginning SOC) to the box (1) and click Import Quiz (2). The quiz should now be in their own list of quizzes and they can edit and change it as much as they want without it changing yours.