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    Grammar Flip

    Grammar Flip is a website to help you 'flip' the classroom, by that we mean providing engaging and interactive content outside the classroom so you can focus more on helping the students inside. This website focusses specifically on grammar.

    TESOL Academic

    TESOL Academic is an excellent website from Huw Jarvis linking TESOL theory and practice through recorded lectures and links to research papers. Highly recommended.

    Posts by David Read

    • Just the Word

      Just the Word

      Just the Word is a really useful site for helping you find the words that go together naturally in English.

    • Academic Phrasebank

      Academic Phrasebank

      The Academic Phrasebank is an excellent website for discovering common phrases used in academic writing.


    Daily Tip

    Conduct quick polls with Google Classroom

    A great feature that's been added to Google Classroom over the holiday is the ability to conduct polls via Google Classroom. These are effectively multiple choice questions, and can be used for anything from getting student opinions to practising summaries....[view full post or comment]