These are the basic tools you need to set up to get you started using computers and web services at the University of Sheffield. Please use the table of contents to work through the set up guides and make sure you have done/can do all these things.


Setting up your Documents folder for saving

Click on the Windows start menu, find Documents but don’t click on it, instead drag to the Desktop. This will be your default place to save any docs you create (e.g. Word, Powerpoint etc).

drag documents to desktop.png

Adding Word and other useful programmes to desktop

Click on the Windows start menu (bottom left corner icon), search for Word in the search box, find Microsoft Word (don’t click on it), and again drag it to the desktop for quick access. You may want to do this for other programmes such as Powerpoint if you use them regularly.

microsoft Word copy to desktop.png

Adding the attendance database/registers to the desktop.

Go to the start menu, find Computer and then click on shared 2 (\langsett) (M:) (see pic below)

shared materials click.png

Click on Ef_Share and on the next screen, then Shared Materials, then 1 ISS 2015 – Attendance. (see pic)

ad 1

Right click on Attendance Front (T-ISS) (T) and click Copy


Close the window, and then on the desktop, right click and then Paste.


If successful, you should see this on your desktop:


Setting up black and white and colour printers.

Go to the Windows start menu again and in the search box at the bottom, type:

\stfprtq04uos-mono and then click Enter on your keyboard. This will install the black and white printer on your account.

picture of start screen for printer installation.png

Now repeat the process but with this text: \stfprtq05uos-colour. This will install the colour printer on your university account.

Printing from a university computer

Choose the print option (In MS Word, click File (1) and Print (2)


Choose the correct printer from the list. For black and white printing choose UoS-Mono, for colour, choose UoS-Colour.


Click ‘Print’. The document(s) will be ready to print next time you swipe your card at an MSP printer. Documents are automatically printed double-sided. To change this and other features (e.g. how many pages to a sheet), use the settings before you click ‘Print’.



Accessing the University of Sheffield web services

Open up Internet Explorer, and on the University of Sheffield homepage, click on Log into MUSE

log into muse button.jpg

Then add your username and password in the boxes.

logging into muse fields.jpg

Click on My Services at the top, you should get a drop down menu that gives you access to all your university services including your university email (named Google Mail)

my services and gmail.jpg

Changing your university account password

Log into MUSE from the University homepage and then from the My Services menu, click on computer user account management.

password 1

You will then be asked to login to your account again.

password 2

Once you’ve logged in again, choose Change Passwords from the list of options.

password 3

You will then be asked to choose a new password and confirm it, remember to follow the rules about what is acceptable in the password. Once you’ve done that, click Change and that’s it. You may be asked to log-in again using the new password.

password 4

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Adding the teacher portal to your desktop or taskbar

Adding to your desktop

1. Go to the site you want to save to the desktop. Click on the middle button in the top right to make your browser window smaller so you can see the desktop.

minimise button

2. Once you can see the browser window and the desktop window, click your mouse on the small globe icon next to the web address and drag this onto the desktop and let go.

drag website to desktop

(3) If you’ve done that correctly, you should see the link on your desktop.

shortcut on desktop






Adding to your taskbar

If you want to be able to access the portal while working in any programme (e.g. Word) quickly, you can add it to your taskbar – the bar running along the bottom of the screen that’s always visible  – for ease of access. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the page you want to save

2. Left click and hold on the internet explorer symbol next to the website address and drag down the page

adding portal pulling to taskbar

3. When you reach the taskbar at the bottom, you should see a small sign saying Pin to Taskbar. Let go of the mouse button and the icon should stay there permanently to access in the future.

adding portal adding to taskbar


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How to access your university documents from your home computer


picture 1.jpg

picture 2.jpg


picture 3.jpg

picture 4.jpg



picture 5.jpg


picture 6.jpg