The online workbook has now changed to look like this:



The eye symbol replaces the old blue buttons to determine whether students can see activities or not. Click on an eye symbol to make the exercise or unit unavailable. A line will now appear through the eye (the possible homage to Un Chien Andalou is still unconfirmed at the time of writing). Click it again to restore availability. The line will disappear.



In the new version of the workbook, you can assign multiple activities at once. To assign a whole sub-unit, tick the box for the sub-unit. The number of activities you’re assigning will appear in brackets in the green ‘Assign’ button. Click the ‘Assign’ button.



To assign individual or multiple activities from a sub-unit, click on the arrow to open the sub-unit (1). Tick the boxes of the activities you want to assign (2). Click the green ‘Assign’ button.



Unless you’re targetting specific students, click ‘Select All’ (1) and then ‘Next Step’ (2).



Click on the calendar to set a due date (1). Whatever date you click on the calendar will be duplicated in the box. If you want to set a timer for your students while doing the activity / activities, tick the box and enter a time (2). Use the controls in (3) to set the due time. Click ‘Next step’ (4).



Use these controls to determine how many times your student(s) can try the activity before seeing the answers, etc. Click ‘Assign’.