As new students join your class, you will need to get them to join Google Classroom so they have access to news, assignments etc. You can do this by sharing the class code with them and getting them to join Classroom themselves. Alternatively, you can invite them by email. To do this:

1 Go to ‘Students’ (1) on your class and click ‘Invite’ (2)


2 Type the student’s name in the search box (1) and click on the magnifying glass (2)


3 Choose the student from the list of names that appear. Their name will now appear in the box at the bottom. Repeat the process using the search box for any more students you need to add. Remember you can only use the students’ university email address for this – standard gmail accounts don’t work with Classroom.


4 When you have all the students you want to add listed, click ‘Invite Students’


5 The students will now appear at the top of your class list with ‘Invited’ as their status (but they remain invisible to the other students in the Classroom). At this point, you can email them directly using the envelope symbol, but they won’t receive assignments etc until they accept the invitation. To accept the invitation, students just need to open their email and click on the link Google Classroom will send them.