The new version of smartboard software has features that allow students to interact with the board, posting text or photos and/or answering questions from their mobile devices. Follow the steps below to see how.

Posting text

1 After the smartboard has loaded, click on the hat symbol in the top menu bar

post 1

2 In the pop-up menu that appears, find ‘Shout It Out!’ and click ‘Add this Activity’

post 2

3 The default setting is for students to be able to categorise. In these instructions, we’ll follow the default setting

post 3

4 Type the titles for your categories in the boxes on the left (1). Decide what type of information students can post, text or images (2); they can only post one type per activity. Set a maximum number of contributions per device (3) – the default is 3 for text and 1 for images, but these can be changed to however many you prefer (and can be edited mid-session). Click Next (4)

post 5

5 Click ‘Finish’

post 6

6 The activity will now load on your whiteboard. To make it interactive for your students, click ‘Start Activity’

post 7

7 Ask students to go to and enter the ID number shown (1) (see below for how students do this).  Use the tools in (2) to pause or end student contributions at any time. Click the phone symbol or the ‘x’ (3) to close the dialogue box

post 8

8 When your students post, their words appear in the category they have chosen. To reopen the dialogue box at any time, e.g. to pause contributions, click the phone.

post 9

Image activities

1 Click on the top hat symbol in the toolbar

post 1

2 In the pop-up menu that appears, find ‘Shout It Out!’ and click ‘Add this Activity’

post 2

3 Choose ‘Arranged randomly’ (1) and click ‘Next’ (2)

4 Choose images (1) and use the box to limit how many images your students can post (2). Choose whether posts are named or anonymous (3) and click ‘Next’ (4)

picture post 2

5 Click ‘Start Activity’ and ask students to log on via and the ID number for the activity.

picture post 3picture post 4

6 When students have posted contributions, click on the phone symbol to access the dialogue box and either pause or stop contributions. To enlarge a picture, tap on it.

picture post 5

7 Use the arrows (1) to move between pictures. Use the ‘x’ (2) to close the enlarged image view.

picture post 6

Student view

1 When they get to, students should enter the activity number from the whiteboard and their name (1), then click ‘Join the Activity’


2 In a categorised activity, students type their answer in the box (1) before clicking on the arrow and selecting a category (2). When they are ready, they click ‘Send response’ (3) to send


3 In a photo activity, students click ‘Select an image…’ and choose from the menu that appears where they want to obtain the image from.

mob5 mob6

4 Once the image they’ve chosen or taken loads, students click ‘Send’. Official replicas of CCCP cosmonaut attire are not a requirement.


Quizzes and questionnaires

1 To add ineractive quizzes and questionnaires, go to the command bar and click ‘Response’ (1) and then either ‘Insert Question’ or ‘Insert title page’ (2). For a series of questions, we recommend inserting a title page

response 4

To be finished next week