Logging on to Google Classroom




The Google Classroom home page

All classes you are a member of (as teacher or student) will be shown. Classes you teach don’t have your photo. Classes where you’re a student include a picture of the teacher. Click on the class you want to go to.



Managing your classroom

Your classroom will look like this.


Your Google ID photo(s) appear in the centre. To see how to add a photo to your profile, see here.


Moving between classrooms, seeing the calendar and a list of assignments

new side menu

Courses (1) takes you to your home page

Calendar (2) takes you to a calendar of items set for your Classrooms

Assignments (3) takes you to a list of all the assignments for your Classrooms

Below these three options, you will see buttons for each of the Classrooms you’re a member of. Click on the button to go directly to that Classroom.

Calendar view

The calendar shows you any assignments, announcements or questions for your class that week. Click on the assignment, announcement etc to go directly to it.


Click on ‘All classes’ and select a group to change the view to just one group.


To add a Classroom calendar to your personal work calendar, go to the ‘About’ page of your Classroom and click ‘Open in Google Calendar’


Your work google calendar will open. Click ‘Yes, add this calendar’.


Assignments and questions will show as all-day events. Announcements do not appear.


Assignments view

Clicking on the assignments view shows a full list of all the assignments you’ve set in Google Classroom.

Changing your classroom’s appearance


For a pre-loaded theme. Choose a theme, then click the blue button.

For a photo.

Posting announcements to your class stream

Every classroom has a stream, which is the default page whenever you or students enter a classroom. The stream is a place for all the class news, including assignments. Teachers and students can post and reply to posts, and attach files, Google Docs, Youtube videos and weblinks. Teachers can mute students (individual or whole class). Teachers can post announcements, assignments or questions to multiple classrooms at once. It is also possible to reuse posts that you have used with other classes in the past.

 Making an announcement

Click on the + in the bottom right (1). Choose ‘Create announcement’


Type your announcement. The post button will  not be live until you have typed at least one letter.




Files from Google Drive

Youtube videos


NB: You will have to use the copy and paste method if you are sharing anything that you have uploaded to youtube as unlisted, e.g. videos of student presentations.



Setting assignments via Google Classroom


Shared documents


Documents students can edit together



Individual copies for students


Managing student assignments

Student’s view

When you set an assignment, students will receive an email notification.


Teacher’s view

When you have set an assignment, it will show in your class stream with information on how many students have or haven’t completed it.


You will then see a grid of the students who’ve submitted work. Click on the document icon to see the student’s submission. Once a student has opened a document, you can see it even if they haven’t submitted it yet.


If you want to return all the students’ written work at once, click on the box at the top on the left (1). Alternatively, select individual students using the boxes next to their names. Then click ‘Return’ (2).


Click ‘Return’ in the confirmation box that appears.


Making comments in Google Docs








Making suggestions in Google Docs


Google Docs defaults to editing mode, which means changes you make won’t be highlighted. To change this:








Posting questions

A recent feature in Google Classroom is posting questions. The answers can either be visible to all the students or visible only to the teacher. To post a question, click the + sign (1) and choose Create question (2).


Type the question (1). Notice, you can also add attachments, e.g. photos. Click Ask (2).


A dialogue box will appear. Use the checkboxes to select whether students can see each other’s answers (1) and/or edit their own answers (2) after their first response. Then click ‘Ask’ again.


The question will appear in your stream. When students answer the question, click on ‘Done’ to see the students’ answers.


Reusing posts

To reuse posts, click on the + (1) and choose Reuse post (2).


Click on the class where you posted the assignment, announcement etc (1). It will be highlighted grey. Click ‘Select’ (2).


Choose the assignment etc you wish to reuse (1). Assignments will have a clipboard symbol, announcements a speech bubble and questions a question mark. Click ‘Reuse’ (2).


The reused post will appear in the middle of your screen. You can change the date, add/delete attachments etc as normal.


Saving announcements etc as drafts


Retrieving drafts


Scheduling posts, assignments, etc

1 Click on the + sign in Google Classroom and choose the type of post you want to schedule


2 Write your post etc as normal (1). Click on the arrow next to ‘Post’ (2)


3 Choose ‘Schedule’


4 The default scheduling time is for the following day at 8am. To change the day, click on the arrow and choose from the calendar. To change the time, click on the time and type in the time you require (using the 24-hour clock)




5 When you have set the date and time you require, click ‘Schedule’.


If you want to edit or delete a scheduled post:

1 Click on the ‘Saved posts’ section at the top of your Classroom stream


2 Scheduled posts appear above drafts. Click on the post to edit it or click on the X to delete it. If you choose to delete it, a pop-up box will ask you to confirm, so it’s difficult to lose your posts accidentally



3 Make any changes to the date using the box in (1). Add files etc using the icons in (2). Click ‘Schedule’ (3) to finish rescheduling the post.



Sharing announcements etc with more than one class


Mailing students from Google Classroom


Setting student posting rights


Silencing individual students from the class stream


Adding items to the ‘About’ section

Deleting students from the Classroom



Inviting late-arriving students to your Google Classroom


If a student arrives later than the others, you can add them to Classroom in one of two ways.












Filtering emails from Google Classroom

To filter emails from Google Classroom, see this guide.