Creating a group email list for your classes

1 Go to the spreadsheet and find your class code.


2 Highlight the student emails for your group. Use [CTRL] & [C] to copy (Right clicking no longer works on Google Docs).


3 Open your email and click ‘Compose’ to write a new email. Go to the ‘To’ field and either use [CTRL] & [V]  or right-click and select ‘Paste’. Your class’s email addresses will appear.

4 Click ‘To’.


5 Your existing contacts should appear with the email addresses you’ve just copied at the bottom of the screen. Click ‘Save as group’.


6 Type a name for your group and click ‘Save’.


7 You should see a yellow message at the top of the screen confirming that the group has been saved. Click on the ‘X’ to close the contacts box.


8 Google seems to take some time to recognise new groups. However, the next time you open your mail account, your group should be ready to use. Click ‘Compose’ to write a mail and start typing your group code, which should appear automatically. Click on it to choose it. Your mail will now go to everyone in the group. You can also use this feature in Google Drive to share a document with everyone in the class.


Adding students to an existing group.

If a student arrives late or their email was not on the original list due to administration matters, you can easily add them to your group.

1 Click on the grid in the top-right of your email and choose ‘Contacts’ from the menu (NB: Do not choose Groups).


2 Click on the name of the group you want to edit on the left-hand side.


3 Click on the ‘Add person’ icon and start typing the email address you want to add.


4 Click on the name you want to auto-fill the email address. When you have all the addresses you want to add to the group, click ‘Add’. The new contacts will now be in the group.