1 Go to your Google Classroom and click on the + sign (1). Choose ‘Create question (2).


2 Click where it says ‘Short answer’. Choose ‘Multiple choice’ from the drop-down menu.



3 Write your question on the top line (1). Decide whether you want students to see a summary of the class results or not (2). NB: Students can’t see the summary of results before they submit their answer, so they can’t copy the class results).


4 Type the options in the spaces available (1). To add further options, simply click ‘Add option’. When you’ve finished, press ‘Ask’ (2), or click on the arrow next to ‘Ask’ to save it as a draft.


5 Students will see this on their stream to vote (NB: If you’re doing this live in class, they will probably need to click ‘Show’ on their stream to see the latest post).They mark their answer (1) and click ‘Submit’ (2). Notice they can also add a comment (3) if you want to ask them to expand on or justify their answer.


6 Your class stream will reflect the number of students who’ve answered. Click on the ‘Done’ number to see the results and a list of students who’ve answered (pixelated here).



7 Click on a particular answer to see a list of students who’ve responded that way. NB: Students don’t have this option, so their votes remain anonymous in terms of the class.


Don’t forget that, as with other posts on Classroom, you can add materials to the question. So they could, for example, be used for homework where students watch a video and choose the best summary, or include questions based on images. See below for how these might look.