How to register one or multiple students on MOLE


When you are in the MOLE course, click on (1) Course Tools on the left hand side and then (2) Manage Users



On the next screen, click Add Users by Role







On the next screen, (1) add the Username(s) of the student(s). If there is more than one, separate each username by a comma (the last username in the list doesn’t need one after it).


When you’ve done that, make sure that the (2) course role is Student.


Then click (3) Submit


If all the registrations are successful, you won’t get any notifications, the page will just return to the previous Manage Users screen. However, if any of the registrations were unsuccessful, you may see the screen below. This will tell you which students were enrolled and which ones weren’t. It may be because of an incorrectly typed username or some other reason.





How to add students to an existing group on MOLE


In the left-hand menu, click on (1) Users and Groups and then click (2) Groups



Find the group you want to add the student(s) to but DO NOT click on the group; instead, hover your mouse next to the name of the group till you see a (1) small grey circle with a white arrow on it. Click on that and select (2) Edit Group from the drop down menu.


On the next page, you need to scroll down the page until you find the section called (1) Membership and then click (2) Add Users


On the next page, you’ll see a list of students. Click either (1) First Name or Last Name at the top to organise the list alphabetically by that heading. If you have a lot of students in the course, you may also want to scroll to the bottom right and click (2) Show All to avoid having to keep clicking through pages to find the student.


Tick the (1) names of the students, you want to add to the group (you can see (2) how many names you’ve added at the bottom). When you have selected all the students to add, click submit.




It would seem after the last step that the students should be enrolled in the group. But that’s not the case. There’s one extra step to take. Once you complete the previous step, you’ll see (1) a list of the students to add to the group. You then need to click (2) Submit again and then the students are added to the group.



How to create a new group in MOLE


In the left hand menu, click on (1) Users and Groups and then (2) Groups



Hover your mouse over the (1) Create button and under Single Group, click (2) Manual Enrol



On the next screen, type the (1) name of the group, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you need to add any students at this stage, click on (2) Add Users in the membership section (see the previous section for explanation about how to add Users). Then click (3) Submit and your group will be created and you should be able to see the group in the groups list.



How to adaptively release a folder so only a particular group can see it


Once students have been added to a group, you will then need to add something called Adaptive Release to the class folder so that only that group will see it. To do that, follow these steps:


First make sure there is a folder with the group’s name on it. Then hover your mouse next to the folder to get the (1) grey circle with the white arrow on it. From the dropdown menu, click on (2) Adaptive Release.



On the next page, find the (1) Membership section, where the two boxes are (2) select the group you want to link to the folder, click the (3) right-pointing arrow in the middle and the group should appear in (4) the right box. Then scroll down the page and click (5) Submit


To check whether it has worked or not, go back to the folder and see if Enabled: Adaptive Release is written underneath.